VocationsThe process of becoming a Priest or Religious Brother is called Formation. This process takes several years. While in college or high school, those interested in joining can begin the discernment process with our vocations director. Later, they enter into Aspirancy and so begin living in a MSC house under the guidance of a formation director. As an Aspirant, candidates continue studying as they live in community and share life, prayer, and ministry as well as deepen their knowledge of Catholic teaching.

The next levels of formation are called the Novitiate and then the Post-Novitiate, after taking first vows.

Once candidate knows the MSC way of life, he is admitted into the Novitiate, preparing himself to take the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. He is given the opportunity to focus on the human, spiritual, intellectual, pastoral, and communal aspects of religious life. The candidate is accompanied by his novice master to live the gospel and MSC values in a ministry setting. The Novitiate ends with the young Religious taking his first (temporary) vows.

Post Novitiate is where the young Religious deepens his commitment as an MSC and decides whether or not to make a lifelong commitment to vowed life. It includes community living, ministry, prayer, and further education in Theology at Catholic Theological Union (www.ctu.edu) and other professional training.

To learn more about discernment, formation, or the “Come and See” experience, please contact Fr. Joe Jablonski, MSC, at josemsc1@hotmail.com.

The Sacred Heart Foundation of Watertown, New York, exists for only one purpose…to help promote new MSC Priests and Brothers by providing educational support to seminarians of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. It is critically important for the Catholic laity to do its part to help address the growing shortage of priests. In addition to encouraging young men to consider a vocation to the priesthood, it is equally important for the laity to help young seminarians financially.

To provide scholarship support the Foundation depends on the generosity of its members and other supporters. We support ourselves through fund-raisers, donations and membership. You can support the Sacred Heart Foundation by becoming a member for only $10 per year. Donations can be sent to:

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