MSC United States Leadership and Administration

Fr. Raymond Diesbourg, M.S.C.

Provincial Secretary, Archivist
Fr. Steve Boland, M.S.C.

Provincial Treasurer
Fr. Richard Kennedy, M.S.C.

Vocations Director
Fr. Joseph Kanimea, M.S.C.

Province Judge
Fr. Joseph Muller, M.S.C.

Provincial Council

Fr. Raymond Diesbourg, M.S.C. (Provincial)
Fr. Richard Kennedy, M.S.C. (Vice-Provincial)
Fr. David Foxen, M.S.C.
Fr. Michael Miller, M.S.C.
Fr. Luis Segura, M.S.C.
Fr. Joseph Kanimea, M.S.C.
Fr. Adrian Budhi, M.S.C.

Fr. David Foxen, M.S.C. (California)
Fr. Joseph Gleixner, M.S.C. (Illinois)
Fr. Vincent Freeh, M.S.C. (New York)
Fr. Richard Kennedy, M.S.C. (Pennsylvania)
Fr. Luis Segura, M.S.C. (Colombia)

Foundation Contacts

Julie Moots, Sacred Heart Foundation

Kathy Swigart, The Compassion Foundation


Olinca Bermudez, Receptionist

Edith Camarillo, Mission Co-op Secretary

Debbie Camp, Major Donor Secretary

Grace Delgado, Life’s Healing Journey Executive Director

Lindsay Marcellus, Web Assistant

Maureen McKanna, MSC Projects Assistant

Maggie Nagode, Direct Mail Data Entry

Rick Nagode, Business Manager

Br. Warren Perrotto, M.S.C., JPIC Coordinator

Kathy Snow, Data Management Coordinator/Mission Co-op Director

Leslye Weisbrock, Mission Co-op Coordinator

Kathleen Yacharn, Communications and Web Director

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